Wallin Learning To Work Program

Wallin Learning To Work Program

Wallin Learning To Work Program

Below you will find various resources for our Learning to Work program. If you have any questions please contact us.

Kevin A. White,
School Principal

The Wallin School
701 East Basin Road
New Castle, DE 19720

Office: (302) 323-2952 | Fax: (302) 323-2787

To ensure that all our students are prepared with the right skills and attitude for the demanding 21st century job market, the Wallin School focuses our students on career readiness through work-based learning & career transitional services.

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Personal Impact on Student Employment

Direct Testimonials

“My job has impacted my family and household by bringing food to the table when we don’t have it.  Also, I help my grandmother with bill when I can. My job has impacted me by being able to save money up for college or a car.  I am very grateful that I got a job.”

– D.A.

“My job is keeping me out of trouble.”

– J.H.

“It allows us to have more money around the house and around for leisure activities.”

– C.L.

“Having a job better my life. I’m able to help my parents out when we are struggling with paying bills.  Also having this job made me be more responsible with a lot of things and gives me good people skills.”

– D.N.

“I have something to occupy my time and to keep me from running the streets and getting in trouble.”

– M.W.  (A foster student)

Business Partners Testimonials

“It was a great event and planned very well.  Thank you for making us so welcome and inviting Junior Achievement to participate!”

– Kalyca Stransky, Operations Director


“It was a great event! It was my pleasure to participate. Looking forward to the next career fair!”

– Veronica Ricchini, Discover Card


“I cannot thank you enough for allowing us the opportunity this morning to meet with your students.  They were wonderful, courteous and genuinely interested in learning about the different opportunities that were presented today.  Your staff was also amazing, I attend many career fairs and I can honestly say in the last 6 years, I have never felt more welcome and appreciated that I felt at the Wallin’s school today.”

-Tiffany Graham, Career Development Specialist Pittsburgh Technical College


“I just wanted you to know that the Provider Fair today at Wallin has to be one of the best fairs I have attended.  Thank you for the invite and if I could be of assistance to you and/or your students, please let me know!”

-Ramona Savage, (DHSS), Employment Navigator

Career Presentations

“There is Nothing in a Caterpillar the Tells You It’s Going to Be a Butterfly.”
Career Learning that exposes All Students to Success

Personal protection and obedience training. Criminal Justice
(Oswaldo Magana Christian Leifheit), Architectural Design & Culinary Arts

Some of Our Graduates – The Power of WE