William Penn Career Pathways

William Penn Career Pathways

William Penn Career Pathways

Below you will find various resources for out career pathways program. If you have any questions please contact us.

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The study of Agriculture at William Penn High School focuses on three fundamental areas: plant science, animal science and environmental science. Plant science applies the principles of agriculture, biology, and chemistry of plant life. Connecting to our environmental science program, students combine economics, policy and ecology in order to study ecosystems and natural resources. Our animal science program emphasizes animal nutrition, animal care and how animals interact with our food systems. Through a partnership with Delaware Greenways on Historic Penn Farm, students will practice this knowledge on a living farm, adjacent to school property. Agriculture student work directly with culinary and science students in our “farm to school to table” program. www.wppennfarm.net . Our environmental science program focuses on the interrelationships between humans and the natural world. Each student, upon graduation and completion of the pathway in Agriculture will receive a related industry recognized certification.

The Construction major merges concepts of skilled trades and management where projects make connections between science, technology, engineering and math with real-world opportunities. An exciting, hands-on opportunity awaits students as they learn to create and analyze construction documents, and build scale and life-sized prototypes. Partnering with ABC in New Castle, DE, students follow the NCCER construction curriculum and will sit for trade certification exams, recognized by industry. These students are also eligible for the Manufacturing Program through DTCC, starting their Junior year.

The focus of Engineering is to expose students to engineering standards through the design process, research, and data analysis. Students are given the opportunity to develop these skills and understand engineering concepts through Project Lead Their Way (PLTW). The exploration of various technology systems and manufacturing processes shows students how engineers use math, science and technology to solve problems to benefit people. This program prepares learners for post-secondary learning in all engineering fields or entry-level related careers in engineering technology. These students are also eligible for the Manufacturing Program through DTCC, starting their Junior year.

Allied Health careers are in high demand. The Allied Health major is designed to be a springboard for students to develop the skills and behaviors necessary to enhance their knowledge and practice of general health and wellness.

In today’s world, technology is much more than desktop computers. With smartphones, laptops, tablets, and the Internet of Things (IoT), it is easy to see that this field is quickly growing and changing! Students will train to become IT professionals, maintain computers and networks, and learn skills to keep professionals and corporations connected in a global economy. William Penn offers two State Model Program of Studies (POS): The Computer Science POS allows students to learn the foundations of computer science with a focus on programming, abstraction, algorithms, large data sets, the Internet, cybersecurity concerns, and computing impacts. The IT Support Specialist POS gives students a work based educational experience in addition to the traditional classroom setting. Students will have the opportunity to gain COMPTIA A+, Microsoft OS, and Microsoft Networking certifications. They will also work with the Colonial School District Technology department for internship opportunities to prepare them for a career in information technology.

The Advanced Manufacturing Logistics & Production Technician program of study engages students in open-ended problem solving where they learn and apply manufacturing processes and use modern, industry-leading technology and software. The program prepares students for further education and careers in manufacturing and logistics. 11th and 12th grade students complete their manufacturing courses at Delaware Technical Community College. William Penn High School participates in two manufacturing pathways: Manufacturing Logistics and Manufacturing Production. Successful completion of this program equates to dual enrollment credits for a variety of technical and engineering programs at DTCC.

The Air Force Junior ROTC Corps program is designed to prepare high school students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as American citizens. The curriculum will include strategies to help students improve communication skills, enhance social and ethical values, promote character development and physical fitness, and help develop an “appreciation of teamwork through instruction in drill and ceremonies.” The course prepares students for ROTC in college or military/civilian service. Concentrations will include Leadership, Flight Command, or Aviation. William Penn High School has developed a Partners in Education with Delaware State University that allows these students to gain actual flight experience to earn credits towards a pilot’s license.

This major provides students with an overview of management and principles related to Business Administration. Courses and working opportunities with local business will allow students to learn the management functions and challenges of planning, organization, directing and controlling a business. Students will explore aspects of human resources, marketing, finances, all while improving skills in digital communication and public speaking. This major will prepare students to enter a college of business or any entry-level business career.

With the state’s only Farm to School program, our exciting Culinary Arts program explores hospitality and restaurant management services from around the world that can transform students’ passion for cuisine and turn creativity into careers. In our state-of-the-art educational restaurant-style kitchen, students will learn food & preparation skills, know how to operate a successful restaurant, and understand the importance of a healthy living style for all people. Our culinary arts programs will give students every opportunity to prepare for advanced culinary programs and/or a successful career in the high-demand food industry as a Chef, Hotel and Restaurant Manager or Food and Nutrition Specialist.

The Financial Services major provides students with authentic experiences through computerized accounting and banking to learn both personal and corporation finances. Students will learn the necessary financial skills to help run and operate a business, all while learning the professional skills of leadership and management. Concentrations include Accounting and Banking to prepare graduates for a Business College or related entry-level financial services career. The student led “Penn Accounting” team manages all finances of Penn Bistro, Penn Publications, Penn Construction and Penn Farm.

The Marketing major prepares students to perform functions and tasks related to selling and retailing. In-depth emphasis and concentration is focused on examining marketing communications and retail sales. Topics include the elements of economics, products and services, laws governing business in the U.S, ethical behavior, consumer and staff relationships, channel distribution and communications strategies. The program is designed to prepare students for a college major in marketing or employment in various sales, customer service, and/or first-line supervisory positions in wholesale, retail and service establishments.

The Teacher Academy is aimed at attracting and developing future teachers. Our program will focus on K – 12 educational programs, but will lay the foundation for teachers of all levels. The program takes a multi-faceted approach to examining the teaching profession that includes unique field experiences (partnering with Colonial schools) and membership in Educators Rising. Coursework explores various topics including human growth and development; teaching methods, techniques and best practices; the history of education and its social impact; and current trends in the profession. Students also have the opportunity to complete an internship similar to student teaching their senior year. Best practices are modeled in all aspects of the program, especially those aimed at high-needs students and students of diverse backgrounds. Students enrolled in this major discover teaching as a challenging and rewarding profession and build a foundation to continue post-secondary education studies. As a member of Educators Rising, students have the opportunity to participate in various events to enhance their experience in the education field, including participation in school planned events as well as the annual state competition and conference.

Students majoring in Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) explore and develop their talents in fine arts, instrumental and vocal music, and theater. Seasonal in-house productions, stagecraft, fine art shows, musical and marching band performances take center stage under the guidance of our talented staff and trained professionals. Specialized coursework, individualized lessons, and collaborative experiences prepare students for launching their own artistic college experience and career. Course selection should be geared towards at least one of the following concentrations: Fine Arts, Instrumental, Vocal and Theater.

Penn Publications brings together students from a variety of majors: Graphic Design, Media Design, Journalism, Yearbook, Art, and Newspaper. Students work together to design layouts and publish final products. Penn Publications is open to the community to service anyone’s graphic design needs. These students apply writing, design, and layout skills to any job contracted from our district or public.